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Hospitalization and visit

Admission Procedures

  1. Firstly, You will have to make a tentative reservation for hospitalization. When the date is fixed, the hospital staff in charge of admissions or the attending doctor will inform you of the admission date and time by telephone.
    If you have questions or concerns about your hospitalization, please contact ‘Patient Support Center (Admission Support)’ from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. (Representative phone number +81-52-851-5511)

  2. If you would like to use a private room, please inform the doctor or the staff at the Patient Support Center (located on the first floor of the Outpatient Consultation Ward) know when you are visiting the hospital as an outpatient. When you are already hospitalized, please let the ward nurse know. Please understand that there is a possibility that we might not be able to meet your request.
    *In addition, when other patients need private rooms because of their conditions, you may be asked to move to other private room or the room shared with other 3 patients (=4-bed room).

Staying at the hospital

About the meals during hospitalization

The meals during hospitalization will be provided according to the Nutrition Management Plan made for each patient’s condition.
We also prepare menu patients can choose from. (However, this does not apply to patients with certain conditions or those who have allergies.)
The meals can be taken in the ward’s dining room or your room.
The mealtime is as follows:
Breakfast From 7:30 am
Lunch From 12:00
Supper From 6:00 pm

About the wristband

Every hospitalized patient are asked to wear a wristband from the first day of hospitalization until discharge. It may be inconvenient or uncomfortable, but we kindly ask for your cooperation.

Note:The wristband has the patient’s name or Hospital ID card number on it and will be used to confirm things by looking at the band, and to identify the patient during the treatment and examination in the hospital such as surgery, checkup, medication, blood transfusion, etc., in order to prevent misidentification of patients and administering wrong medications.

Attending patients

There is no need to attend the patients, since the hospital will provide the care necessary. Basically, nobody will be allowed to attend the patient excluding the situation where the attending doctor finds it necessary.
In the case of post-surgery or caring infants, the doctors or the nurses may ask you to attend the patient. The Kiosk provide rental service of bed for a charge. Please prepare bedclothes by yourself. Shower room can be used on resevation at the Kiosk. Meals are not provided to those attending the patients, but dining room, Kiosk and vending machines are available.

About non-smoking

Smoking is not allowed in the hospital premises including thesubstitutes of tobacco such as heated tobacco products, e-tobacco, etc. Smoking is a health hazard not only to the person who smokes, but also to those who are around.
We ask all patients and people attending the patient to cooperate with non-smoking policy in the premises and the streets of surrounding area to promote safe, secured and comfortable environment of the hospital.

Mobile phone policy

The use of a mobile phone is permitted in designated areas only.

Consulting other departments or clinics during hospitalization

During hospitalization including the time you go out of the hospital and when you stay out of hospital, patients are not allowed to go to other hospitals, clinics, etc., or to go out to get prescribe medications from other hospitals. If you need to, please consult your attending doctor without fail.

Going out and staying out of hospital overnight

If you want to go out or stay out of hospital overnight, please ask the ward staff. Permission from the attending doctor will be necessary and notifications must be handed in.
This hospital is recognized as advanced medical care and acute medical care hospital. Due to this nature, patients are basically allowed to stay out overnight for one night.

Hospital school for primary school students

Hospital school is available for primary school students.
To use this schooling service, please consult the Patient Support Center. During hospitalization, please ask the ward nurse.


  • Since many people visit the hospital, please do not bring too much money or valuables to the hospital. Please take care of your belongings to prevent theft and loss, and make sure you bring your cash and valuables with you when leaving the patient room.
  • Please understand that patients who disrupt the order within the hospital, or who displays violent behaviors might be asked to leave the hospital and be discharged.

What you need for admission

  • Hospital ID card
  • Insurance Card/Medical Certificate Card, etc.*If you have to undertake rehabilitation, please bring ‘Nursing care insured policy IC Card’
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Ceiling-Amount Application
    (If you are under 70 years old, application before admission is recommended)
  • Signature Stamp "Inkan" (one that has to be used with vermillion inkpad)
  • Application form for admission, Consent Form for non-smoking, written pledge
  • Discharge Certificate
    (if you have one when you have transfered from the other hospital)
  • Daily Items you need for the hospitalization
  • Pajamas (which is opening in front)
  • Underwear
  • Towels, bath towels
  • Footwear which is not slippery
  • Toiletries, shower goods (toothbrush, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Coat hanger
  • Mug cup, chopsticks, poon
  • Tissue
  • Water bottle
Do not forget to bring the medication you are taking now in order to make the treatment as effective and as safely as possible. (Please do not bring medications you are not taking at the moment.) The medications you have to bring are those prescribed at our hospital (including those from the departments other than the department you are admitted for) and other prescribe medications from other hospitals.
*There is a hospital gown for rent which comes with cleaning service for a charge. If you would like to rent a hospital gown, please ask the ward nurse at the time of admission.


  • As the storage space is limited, keep your belongings to the minimum.
  • You can use a cart to carry your belongings when necessary.
  • Daily items can be bought in the Kiosk located within the hospital site.
  • You can wash your towels and underwear using the laundromat located on the same 6 th floor of the Wards/Medical Center Building. (You will need a prepaid card to use the laundromat.)
  • TV and refrigerator can be used by prepaid card. (The card is sold through a vending machine placed on each floor.)
  • You will need an earphone to listen to the TV. (except for private rooms. Earphones are sold at the kiosk.)
  • Electrical appliances are not allowed basically.

About the discharge procedure

  • The patient will be discharged when the attending doctor gives permission.
  • Since this hospital treat acute care patients, we ask patients who have been cured or have stable symptoms to be discharged or to be transferred to another hospital without delay.
  • On the day of discharge, the bill will be handed to the patient at the ward (in the case you discharge is on Saturday, Sunday or Holiday, the bill will be handed on working day). Please pay at the accounting section before leaving the hospital.
*If you have questions regarding the hospitalization fee, please inquire at the accounting section (first floor of the Wards/Medical Center Building) before finishing payment.

About the hospitalization fee

  • Basically, the hospitalization fee is calculated according to the comprehensive evaluation method (a calculation method which calculates the medical fee by using the numeral points designated for specific disease, surgery, treatment, etc. per day.) In some cases, the purpose of the hospitalization and treatment method is different. Therefore, this calculation method may not be applied. In such cases, fee-for-services payment method will be applied.
  • The hospitalization fee differs according to the availability and type of insurance and whether the hospitalization is covered by public funded system or not.
  • The bill for oral dentistry will be separated from the hospitalization when you consult the oral dentistry department while you are hospitalized for other medical reasons (and also when you consult other departments when you are hospitalized for oral dentistry reasons).
  • The cost for using private rooms is not covered by health insurance, so you will have to pay the full amount out of your own pocket. To request for private rooms, you will have to fill in the application form beforehand. (The application form can be obtained at the nurse station.)
  • The hospitalization fee will be calculated at the end of the month and billed on 10th of next month. Please pay at your earliest convenience.
  • There is a system which allows you to pay without using the reimbursement system and just pay the copayment amount when hospitalization fee is expensive. Please show ‘the Certificate of Eligibility for Ceiling-Amount Application’ at the hospital, which is issued by the insurance company that you are using. For details, please consult your health insurance provider, or consult the Administration Department (on the first floor in the Wards/Medical Center Building).
  • Credit cards and debit cards are accepted.

Frequently asked questions

Question Answer
I need information on subsidy schemes and public funded systems. Please consult the Patient Support Center.
Support Center URL
I’m worried that the hospitalization fee may be expensive. Please consult the Administration section. If we can find out the outline of the treatment, we can give you the estimation of the fee.
How do you calculate the meal fee and the room fee? The meal fee is calculated for every meal. The room fee is calculated by every day (The start of calculation will be from midnight 0:00 am and this will be calculated as ‘one day’.)
How much will the childbirth cost be? Normally, the payment from your own pocket will be around 400,000 to 480,000. yen. With caesarean section, the payment will be around 390,000 to 470,000 yen, totaling the amount from your own pocket and copayment of the health insurance.

Visiting In-patients

Notice to visitors of patients

  • Visitors should first go to the nurse station located on the floor where the patient is admitted. The nurse will guide you to the patient’s room.
    (According to the condition of the patient, sometimes visitors may not be allowed to see the patient.)
  • Please refrain from visiting the patient together with a child to prevent hospital-acquired infections.
  • Please follow the visiting rules so as not to disturb patients who have to receive treatments or other patients.
In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus(COVID-19), we will prohibit visits for the time being in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
Weekdays 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm
End of the year and New Year Holidays/Saturday/Sunday/Holidays 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Information about in-patients

To protect the privacy of the patient, we follow the rules shown below:
Inquiry about in-patients by telephone, etc.
We will not answer to any questions or give any kind of information.
When you visit the hospital and ask for information
  • We do not give any information, if you do not know the fact that the patient is admitted to this hospital.
  • If you know that the patient is admitted to this hospital but do not know which ward he/she is in, then we will have you visit the nurse station located on the floor where the patient is admitted.