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About us

Medical department

General Medicine

Rehabillitation Medicine

Hepatology / Pancreatology



Respiratory Medicine / Allergology

Endocrinology / Diabetology



Hematology / Oncology

Gastroenterlogical / General Surgery


Cardiovascular Surgery

Thoracic Surgery

Breast Surgery

Pediatric Surgery

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Orthopedic Surgery



Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery




Center for Mental Health Care

Pediatric Urology

Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Radiation Oncology



Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Emergency Medicine

Our principle and basic policy

Our principle

As a regional core hospital, we not only provide advanced and safe medical care open to all but also train medical professionals highly qualified.

Basic policy

  • As a University Hospital, we provide highly advanced medical care.
  • We provide safe and open medical care to all by promoting highly advanced information.
  • We provide substantial medical education to train medical professionals with high ethical values and trust from others.
  • As a core medical institution in Nagoya, we promote civil health and welfare.

Out-patient reception

Out-patient reception 8:30 am to 11:00 am
Consultations not available/Hospital closed Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays
End of the year and New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3)
Representative telephone number +81-52-851-5511

Hospital Function Evaluation Accreditation

Our hospital was accredited as meeting the Hospital Function Evaluation’s Certified ‘General Hospital 3 of Function type evaluation’ <3rdG: Ver.2.0> on December 7, 2019. Our hospital is one of the first in the Tokai area and the second throughout the nation to be certified in this classification of evaluation.
We will continue to aim for a higher quality living up to this accreditation.

What is Hospital Function Evaluation?

The Hospital Function Evaluation is a third party evaluation conducted by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care, a public interest incorporated foundation, aimed to evaluate the administration of the hospital as a whole and to evaluate the medical services from impartial, scientific, and specialized viewpoint.
This third party will evaluate the administration of the hospital as a whole, looking into its services and clarifying its position or the problems it holds. By doing so, it contribute to the improvement of the hospital and enhancing the hospital system and the quality of medical services.
When the standards of the items evaluated are judged to have been met, the Certificate of Accreditation will be issued.
The Function Type evaluation of this evaluation system is classified into seven types, according to the scale, function, and roles of the medical institutions. The one accredited to our hospital ‘General Hospital 3’ includes evaluations of advanced medical care, the mechanism and practice of governance, development and evaluation of advanced medical techniques, efforts for medical security, etc. We have been judged to have met these standards.

Nagoya City University Hospital Outpatient Ward Map

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Outpatient Ward

4th Floor
  • Clinical Psychology Consultation Room
  • Medical Psychology Center
  • Clinical Training Center
3rd Floor
  • 3rd Floor Outpatient Reception
  • Nursing Guidance
  • Cemter for Mental Health Care
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Division of Clinical & Molecular Genetics Department
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Urology
2nd Floor
  • 2nd Floor Outpatient Reception
  • Nursing/diaper change room
  • Play room
  • Pediatrics
  • Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
1st Floor
  • 1st Floor Outpatient Reception
  • Information
  • Cashier for outpatients
  • Document Corner
  • ID Card Corner Credit card payment Cashier
  • First visitor's Reception(with Reservation)
  • Cashier
  • First visitor's Reception
  • Billing Counter
  • Pharmacy
  • Medicine Consultation
  • Various consultation counters
  • Patient Consultation
  • Cancer Consultation & Support
  • Liver Disease Consultation
  • Patient Consultation
  • Outside Prescription FAX Counter
  • Café
  • Dermatology
  • Anesthesiology/Perioperative Care
  • Pain Center
  • Center for Labor Pain Management
  • Neurosurgery
  • Surgery
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Outpatient Operation Unit
  • Patient Support Center
  • Regional Healthcare Network Center
  • Clinical Research Management Center

Hospital / Main Ward

17th-7th Floor
  • South Ward
  • Patients' Rooms 701-1774
  • Emergency & Critical Care Center
  • Perinatal Medical Center
  • Library
  • North Ward
  • Good Sleep Center
  • Conference Rooms
  • Clinical Engineering Office
  • Dentistry and Oral Surgery Laboratory
6th Floor
  • Restaurant
  • Laundromat
  • Vending machines
  • Roof Garden
5th Floor
  • Cardiac Care Unit
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Surgical Center
4th Floor
  • Dialysis Reception
  • Ultrasonography Reception
  • Conference Rooms
  • Department of Pathology
  • Central Sterilization Management
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Staff Room
3rd Floor
  • Conference Hall (Grand Hall)
  • Central Clinical Laboratory
  • Nursing Department
  • Administration Division
  • Management Division
2nd Floor
  • Blood Sampling & Examination Reception
  • Radiology Department Reception(2nd Floor)
  • Physiology Examination Reception
  • Endoscopy Reception
  • Computerized Tomography Reception
  • Radiology Department
1st Floor
  • After Hours Pharmacy
  • Emergency & Critical Care Center Reception
  • After Hours & Hospitalization Reception
  • Emergency & Critical Care Center
  • Rehabilitation Reception
  • Blood Transfusion&Emergency Examination Reception
  • After Hours Entrance
  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Medical Affairs Division
  • Disaster Prevention Center
  • Radiology Department Reception(Basement Floor)
  • Community Health & Welfare Coordination Office In-Home Care Consultation
  • Patient information library
  • Store
  • Office for Nutrition Control
  • ATMs 
    Aichi Bank 8:00~20:00 
    MUFG Bank 8:00~20:00

East Wing

2nd Floor
  • Chemotherapy unit Outpatient Psycho-oncology and Palliative care clinic Reception
  • Cancer Treatment and Comprehensive Care Center
1st Floor
  • Radiology Department East Wing Reception