Nagoya City University Hospital

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1-Kawasumi, MIzuho-cho, Mizuho-ku,
Nagoya City Zip Code 467-8602

Dear Patients

For patients who are non-Japanese residents or foreign travelers with temporary visitor status.

Please be sure to have your

Valid Passport
Alien Registration Card
Valid Alien Registration Card (residents only)
Valid Japanese National Health Insurance Card (if you have one), or your Health Insurance Related Documents
Patient ID Card
(for Follow-up, Revisit)

Also, first time visitors bring the following documents along
for registration if possible.

medical record
Medical Record
(Letter of Referral)
medical history
Medication History
(residents only)

For those with language or communication barriers, it would be a great help if you could bring someone to assist you.
Generally, we will not refuse to provide you medical care.
However we might report those whose visas have expired/illegal immigrants to the police and/or immigration authorities according to the law.